UK-CIC researchers say thank you to study participants, sample donors, and their family members

19th August 2021

Over the last year, UK-CIC researchers analysed data from thousands of samples donated from patients with COVID-19, the families of those affected by it, or healthcare workers. UK-CIC's research would not have been possible without the generosity of those people, and to express our thanks, we have put together a video showing just how much those donations are appreciated.

The pandemic has affected the lives of everyone around the world. In order to bring the spread of the virus under control, it is important to understand how the virus affects and interacts with our immune system. UK-CIC researchers have been working hard to understand this complex relationship, and answer important questions such as why some people are able to fight off the virus more quickly than others, and what role the immune system plays in the damage caused by SARS-CoV-2. 
This has been made possible thanks to the many thousands of samples received from patients around the UK. These samples were kindly donated by a range of people in difficult circumstances, including patients who agreed to have blood samples taken regularly while they were unwell with COVID-19 in hospital, and the family members who consented on behalf of loved ones who have sadly passed away with COVID-19.

Our grateful thanks go out to each and every person and family member that contributed to the work of UK-CIC in this way. None of what has been achieved over the past year would have been possible without your generosity during a difficult time. We hope you will enjoy this video featuring UK-CIC researchers thanking everyone for their vital contributions.


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