UK-CIC Conference Illustrated

It's so important that scientific research is made accessible to everyone, especially with a topic as relevant to patients and the public as the immunology of COVID-19. We are pleased to share the most significant topics, ideas and discoveries presented by UK-CIC researchers during our virtual conference 'Collaborative Covid Immunology', with the help of a professional cartoonist. The illustration below is a fun way to capture our key research themes and how the knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 has developed and evolved with the help of our PPI panel and the collaborative nature of the consortium.

Find out more about our work and PPI panel on our dedicated page for the public


Illustrated overview of the key themes and concepts discussed at UK-CIC conference

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You can read about the five key research themes of UK-CIC here. We are also uploading public summaries of published UK-CIC research, written in accessible language.

Illustration created by Laura Brodrick.