Free public event: COVID-19 vaccines, boosters and immunity

8th September 2022
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You can watch the recording of this webinar here.

The UK-CIC was pleased to present the following free public webinar in conjunction with the National Core Studies Immunity (NCSi) Programme: 'COVID-19 vaccines, boosters and immunity’ on Tuesday 27 September.

The UK-CIC and NCSi programme aim to deepen our understanding of immunity against COVID-19 and explore in depth the protection that vaccines provide. Join scientists in a panel discussion to hear about cutting-edge research taking place to learn about the immune response to COVID-19 vaccine boosters in different groups of people. There will be opportunity to ask them your questions about COVID-19 immunology and vaccines.

The British Society for Immunology supports the UK-CIC and NCSi programme to drive collaboration at a national level to answer the big outstanding questions around how the immune system interacts with COVID-19.


Professor Paul Moss, University of Birmingham

Professor Rosemary Boyton, Imperial College London


Dr Erika Aquino, British Society for Immunology

Tony Kelly, NCSi Patient & Public Involvement representative



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