For the Public

This section provides a selection of resources to help you learn more about COVID-19. As the work of UK-CIC progresses, we will add more resources to this page to explain the work and findings from our consortium. 

Research conducted by our consortium members will help to develop our understanding of COVID-19 and immunology, and this may contribute to the development of treatments and vaccines, however UK-CIC is not directly involved with vaccine research or development. Some of the resources included below, such as those by the British Society for Immunology, provide information on how the immune system reacts to the coronavirus, how vaccines work, and other useful information for the public.

Given the widespread impact of COVID-19, the views of patients and the public are central to the success of UK-CIC. Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research is vital to make studies more relevant, more effective and improve the quality of the research. Our PPI panel is made up of people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. They provide advice, guidance, and feedback on the progress of UK-CIC and their unique perspectives on wider implications of its research. We are extremely grateful to all of them for contributing their time to this research project. 

For any questions about the consortium, its research efforts, questions that you would like passed on to our PPI panel, or any other enquiries, please contact You can also follow the consortium on Twitter @UKCICstudy, where we regularly post updates on our work.