For the Public

This section provides a selection of resources to help you learn more about COVID-19. As the work of UK-CIC progresses, we will add more resources to this page to explain the work and findings from our consortium. 

Vector family with masks. Credit: Shutterstock/pikolorante

Coronavirus: the science explained

Our funders, UKRI, have developed an online resource that lays out the evidence and facts about the coronavirus, the disease COVID-19, the epidemic, and its control.

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Pathogens germs bacteria hygiene microscopic magnifying glass hand, Credit: Shutterstock - Pogorelova Olga

British Society for Immunology resources

The British Society for Immunology website lists a wide range of public engagement resources for you to find out more about the immune system and COVID-19.

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SARS-CoV-2. Credit: NIAID/Flickr CC BY-2.0

COVID-19: the big questions

Our colleagues at University College London have developed an online resource to answer some of the most common questions people have on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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SARS-CoV-2 virus. Credit: NIAID CC BY-2.0

Articles on COVID-19

A series of articles from The Conversation on the immunology of COVID-19.

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