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This section provides a selection of resources to help you learn more about COVID-19. As the work of UK-CIC progresses, we will add more resources to this page to explain the work and findings from our consortium. 

Research conducted by our consortium members will help to develop our understanding of COVID-19 and immunology, and this may contribute to the development of treatments and vaccines, however UK-CIC is not directly involved with vaccine research or development. Some of the resources included below, such as those by the British Society for Immunology, provide information on how the immune system reacts to the coronavirus, how vaccines work, and other useful information for the public.

Given the widespread impact of COVID-19, the views of patients and the public are central to the success of UK-CIC. Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research is vital to make studies more relevant, more effective and improve the quality of the research. Our PPI panel is made up of people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. They provide advice, guidance, and feedback on the progress of UK-CIC and their unique perspectives on wider implications of its research. We are extremely grateful to all of them for contributing their time to this research project. 

For any questions about the consortium, its research efforts, questions that you would like passed on to our PPI panel, or any other enquiries, please contact You can also follow the consortium on Twitter @UKCICstudy, where we regularly post updates on our work.

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Free public event: COVID-19 vaccines, boosters and immunity

UK-CIC teamed up with National Core Studies Immunity (NCSi) to present the following free public webinar in conjunction with the British Society for Immunology: 'COVID-19 vaccines, boosters and immunity’ on Tuesday 27 September.

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UK-CIC researchers express their gratitude for the sample donations that have made their research possible

UK-CIC researchers thank sample donors for their contributions

UK-CIC's research would not have been possible without the generosity of those people, and to express our thanks, we have put together a video showing just how much those donations are appreciated.

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Infographic on immune response after COVID-19 vaccine - tile 1

Immune response after COVID-19 vaccination

This infographic, created in partnership with the British Society for Immunology, explains the immune response after COVID-19 vaccination and how it protects you from infection.

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Immunity to COVID-19, what's the difference?

COVID-19 immunity: Natural infection compared to vaccination

This infographic, created in partnership with the British Society for Immunology, explains the difference between immunity to COVID-19 developed after natural infection compared to after vaccination.

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Vector image of a zoom call. Credit: Shutterstock/Natalya Novella

Patient Public Involvement Panel

The PPI Panel provides advice, guidance and feedback on the progress of UK-CIC and the wider implications of research.

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Vaccines and globe

UK-CIC Public Webinar

Watch now: UK-CIC researchers presented their work, and took questions from the public, in these free webinars on COVID-19, the immune system, and vaccination.

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Overview of the major themes and topics from UK-CIC conference

UK-CIC Conference Illustrated

We are pleased to share the most significant topics, ideas and discoveries presented by UK-CIC researchers during our virtual conference 'Collaborative Covid Immunology', with the help of a professional cartoonist.

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Illustration capturing thoughts and feelings of discussion held during a Patient & Public Involvement chat room

UK-CIC conference: PPI conversations captured

Following the success of the UK-CIC virtual conference, we captured the discussions held on the role of PPI in UK-CIC in engaging illustrations.

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Cog diagram showing role of PPI influencing UK-CIC

Poster: UK-CIC PPI Panel

See a poster shared at the UK-CIC virtual conference, on the role of PPI within UK-CIC: 'Patient and Public Involvement: Providing a bridge between lived and lab experience in UK-CIC'.

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UK-CIC Researcher Profiles

We spoke to some of the researchers working as part of UK-CIC to learn more about why they decided to work in immunology, what inspires them, and their personal challenges. 

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Public summaries

We are providing jargon-free summaries of UK-CIC research, making our work accessible to as many people as possible. Click through for a list of all public summaries currently available to read.

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Read the latest updates on the work of the consortium.

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This glossary contains the definitions of some of the technical terms or words associated with COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, or immunology.

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UK-CIC Explainer Videos

We are producing a series of videos that explain the work of UK-CIC and the impact it hopes to have on understanding COVID-19 and overcoming the pandemic.

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Research Theme Q&A

We asked our theme leads to answer some of your most common questions about immunology & COVID-19.

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Tiger Roar | Short story

Read a short story, written by Hannah Jusu-Sheriff, that reimagines the pandemic in a world of tigers, and through the eyes of two tiger cubs.

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A guide to vaccinations for COVID-19

BSI Guide to Vaccinations for COVID-19

This free, easy-to-read guide, created by the British Society for Immunology (BSI), explains some of the key facts and answers common questions on COVID-19 vaccines.

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Illustration of boy being shielded from virus particles

Immune memory and the coronavirus

The British Society for Immunology and the University of Edinburgh present a three-part animated series on the human immune system and how immune memories form in response to infections like coronavirus.

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Boy holding large vaccine syringe

COVID-19, long-term immunity and vaccines

Created by the British Society for Immunology - an infographic and video explaining how vaccines generate long-term immunity and how an effective COVID-19 vaccine might work.

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Vector family with masks. Credit: Shutterstock/pikolorante

Coronavirus: the science explained

Our funders, UKRI, have developed an online resource that lays out the evidence and facts about the coronavirus, the disease COVID-19, the epidemic, and its control.

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SARS-CoV-2. Credit: NIAID/Flickr CC BY-2.0

COVID-19: the big questions

Our colleagues at University College London have developed an online resource to answer some of the most common questions people have on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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SARS-CoV-2 virus. Credit: NIAID CC BY-2.0

Articles on COVID-19

A series of articles from The Conversation on the immunology of COVID-19.

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Pathogens germs bacteria hygiene microscopic magnifying glass hand, Credit: Shutterstock - Pogorelova Olga

British Society for Immunology resources

The British Society for Immunology website lists a wide range of public engagement resources for you to find out more about the immune system and COVID-19.

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Colour in Coronavirus

Learn about the coronavirus through the fun of colouring in!

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Find out more about the importance of PPI in research and how members of the public can get involved.

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