Patient & Public Involvement in UK-CIC takes off

28th October 2020

Vector of zoom call. Credit: Shutterstock/Natalya NovellaPatient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research is vital to make studies more relevant, more effective and improve the quality of the research. Involving the experiences and knowledge of patients and the public are central to the success of UK-CIC. The UK-CIC PPI panel is made up of ten representatives who each bring unique and valuable perspective to the project. The PPI panel will be reporting to the Advisory Board, providing advise and guidance, to help ensure the research outcomes are delivering important public health benefits.

The PPI panel met for the first time in October, bringing all ten members together with Professor Paul Moss, the UK-CIC Principle Investigator, Professor Arne Akbar, the UK-CIC Advisory Board Chair and the British Society for Immunology team. It was the first opportunity for everyone to meet and a chance for introductions and getting to know each other. The PPI panel is co-chaired by Erika Aquino, Public Engagement Manager at the British Society for Immunology, and she led the first meeting. The PPI members will rotate as co-Chairs in future meetings.

The panel heard from Paul Moss on UK-CIC scientific overview and had the chance to ask questions about the research themes and priorities. It was an insightful session for everyone to better understand the framework and structure of the consortium. Arne Akbar introduced the panel to the role of the UK-CIC Advisory Board and explained how the board would be working in collaboration with the PPI panel. There will be ongoing feedback from the Advisory Board at each PPI meeting and specific topics will be raised for open discussion.

The meeting closed by considering how the PPI element of UK-CIC will be evaluated throughout the duration of the project. Evaluation of PPI is key to ensuring that the involvement is meaningful for all and impactful on the research. It’s important to measure success but also discover ways to improve future practice.

Thank you to all the PPI panel members for contributing their time and experiences at the first meeting.

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