Dr Andrew Filby

Photo showing a person smiling who is sitting down in a lab. They are wearing a purple shirt and blue latex gloves.

Newcastle University

Twitter: @NewcastleFCCF


Theme 3: Immunopathology

We are using advanced imaging techniques to look for clues in post-mortem lung tissue that could tell more about why some people with COVID-19 sadly die.

Why and when did you become interested in studying immunology?

If we can understand how our immune system works (or doesn’t work) then we may unlock the secrets to human health challenges such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, allergy, and infectious diseases.


What inspires you?

People who show courage in the face of adversity.


What are your challenges?

Juggling several different projects and laboratory experiments.


What skills have you gained from outside academia that you use in your research?

I recently taught myself piano.  This gives me some time away from research to ‘reset’.


What is your passion outside of research?

Football.  I am cursed to follow the ‘mighty’ Coventry City - a lesson in how to deal with disappointment that can come in handy when an experiment fails!


What does your average week look like?

These days, lots of virtual meetings and maybe if I am lucky a little time in the lab working with cool technologies!


What did 2020 mean to you?

It was a year of challenge on all fronts. We had to respond, adapt and rise up to the challenges posed by COVID-19 at home and work.


What has been your most shared social media post of the pandemic?

As part of the homeschooling regime, I took on the role of the PE teacher….from the ’70s!