Professor Tracy Hussell

A picture of three researchers in white lab coats and white protective masks all making thumbs up gesturesUniversity of Manchester

Twitter: @HussellTracy


Theme 1: Primary Immunity

I am the UK-CIC Theme 1 Lead.

Why and when did you become interested in studying immunology?  

After my degree in Biological Sciences at Nottingham, I went to work with Anne Cook at University College London, and she made immunology really interesting.


What inspires you?

Watching people grow in confidence, especially those who start off doubting themselves.


What are your challenges?

Finding the funds to do research, juggling two teenagers with work, and trying not to get anxious about all the tasks I have to do!


What skills have you gained from outside academia that you use in your research?

It sounds odd but parenting skills are often useful in research, managing disappointments and generating enthusiasm.


What is your passion outside of research?

My family and my dog, Jack.


What does your average week look like?

On weekdays it’s the daily delivery of girls to school then on to work, home to homework, arguments, dinner, etc. Weekends always involve some work, but also dog walking and taxi services!


What did 2020 mean to you?

Working extremely hard around the clock performing research to understand COVID-19 disease. Plus developing an extremely rewarding and collaborative team.