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Dr Adriana Tomic, University of Oxford

Dr Adriana Tomic

Marie Curie Fellow

University of Oxford


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Dr. Tomic is a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Oxford leading a Systems Immunology group focusing on immunological memory and recall responses in humans using systems-level analysis, multi-omics data integration and machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI). During postdoctoral training with Dr. Mark Davis at the Stanford University, Dr. Tomic developed a novel systems immunology approach that uses both experimental and computational analytical methods to understand protective immunity in humans mediated by influenza vaccines. The systems immunology approach contributes to a greater understanding of the known and new biomarkers that are part of a protective immunity. This technique has potential for broad application against many infectious diseases, including COVID-19. The current focus of Systems Immunology group is to understand how one can manipulate the immune system to provide protection against influenza, and a novel SARS-CoV-2.