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Dr Andrew Filby

Lead of the Innovation, Methodology and Application Research Theme and Director of the Cytometry and Single Cell Core Facility

Newcastle University

Institute of Biosciences


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Contributing to research themes:

Dr Filby is a world-renowned expert in Cytometry and single cell technologies.  His lab was one of the first in the UK to successfully implement Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) for the analysis of over 30 parameters in fixed/frozen and FFPE tissue sections.  He is director of the Newcastle Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF) and the lead of the Innovation, Methodology and Application (IMA) research Theme.  He serves on the International Society for the Advancement for Cytometry (ISAC) council as member for technology and methodology.  Dr Filby and team will be leading with other NU members in Theme 3 using IMC to study the immune cell infiltrate and other key bio-markers in tissues from COVID19 post-mortems.  He will also bring extensive expertise to the use of other cytometry and single cell technologies for studying the immune cell response to COVID19.