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Dr Richard Stanton


Cardiff University


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Richard obtained his PhD investigating the immediate early genes that drive human herpesvirus 6 into the lytic cycle, before working on the variation in hypervariable viral genes over time in patients. After this he spent some time developing adenovirus vectors suitable for high throughput cloning of genes for antiviral and anticancer vaccine generation. Richard worked on the use of high-throughput proteomics arrays to analyse virus infection, an interest that developed into the use of multiplexed quantitative proteomics.

In parallel with this he has worked on the capture and manipulation of viral genomes in BACs, and the generation of reagents that enable them to work with HCMV viruses that more accurately represent the causative agent of clinical disease. Most recently they have been combining their novel virological reagents and proteomics interests, to characterise and understand the molecular details of how viruses evade cellular immunity, and how the immune system can be augmented to overcome this viral-mediated immune-evasion.