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Dr Victoria Ridger

Senior Lecturer in Vascular Biology

University of Sheffield


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Victoria gained my BSc and PhD in Pharmacology from King’s College London, studying in the lab of Prof Sue Brain investigating the role of nitric oxide in inflammation. Following her first postdoc at the National Heart and Lung Institute under the supervision of Prof Tim Williams studying the role of CXCR2, she moved to Sheffield. Victoria joined the lab of Prof Paul Hellewell and Dr Keith Norman and was awarded a BHF Intermediate Fellowship to further her interest in leukocyte-endothelial cell interactions using intravital microscopy. During this time, she became interested in the role of cell-derived microvesicles in regulating vascular inflammation. Her lab is currently investigating changes in the levels, cellular origins and cargo of circulating microvesicles induced by diet and disease, including COVID-19, as well as their functional role in altering leukocyte and platelet interactions with vascular endothelial cells.