Our researchers - Professor Mala Maini

Photo of Professor Mala Maini (scientist)

Professor Mala Maini

Professor of Viral Immunology and Honorary Consultant Physician

University College London


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Contributing to research themes:

Mala Maini is a Professor of Viral Immunology and Wellcome Trust Investigator in the Division of Infection and Immunity and Institute of Immunity and Transplantation at UCL, London and also works as a Consultant Physician in the viral hepatitis clinic. Her lab is interested in liver immunity and immunopathology, focusing primarily on T and B cell responses in viral hepatitis and other viral infections. By dissecting the immune correlates of viral persistence and pathology versus control they aim to contribute to the development of novel immunotherapeutic strategies for viral infections like hepatitis B and COVID-19. 

Mala is Theme 4 Lead for UK-CIC: "Does immunity to previous infection with seasonal coronaviruses (which cause the common cold) alter a person's outcome with SARS-CoV-2?"