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Professor Paul Lehner

Professor of Immunology and Medicine

University of Cambridge


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Paul Lehner trained in medicine and infectious diseases in London and currently holds a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge.  He uses functional genetic and proteomic technologies to study how viruses interact with, and evade recognition by, the human immune system. His group uses unbiased functional quantitative proteomic approaches to identify novel cell surface receptors manipulated by viruses to determine how viral infections (eg HIV, HCMV, Coronaviruses) manipulate the cell to enable their replication.

Complementary to this approach is the use of reporter-based genome-wide CRISPR genetic screens, to map intracellular signaling pathways. Together these technologies provide a protein and gene discovery platform to identify novel genes and pathways manipulated by viruses.

Paul is Theme 5 Lead for UK-CIC: "How does SARS-CoV-2 'hide from' the immune system and how can this be tackled?"