UK-CIC Conference: PPI conversations captured

The UK-CIC virtual conference, 'Collaborative Covid Immunology', held 28-29 April 2021, prominently featured the Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Panel and their influence on the consortium. On each day, we held focused discussions with PPI Panel representatives and academic researchers, and talked about the 'importance & impact of the PPI panel on UK-CIC' and 'patient perspectives on UK-CIC research'. We were also pleased that Tony Kelly, PPI representative for UK-CIC, gave a powerful speech on the 'Patient and Public Involvement perspective on UK-CIC' during the conference.

Communicating our work in an accessible way is important to us, so we captured these conversations and Tony's speech in illustrations (below) that convey the key topics and feelings that arose.


Importance and impact of PPI on UK-CIC, an illustration of the key concepts and feelings
'Importance and impact of the PPI Panel on UK-CIC'



PPI perspective on UK-CIC, an illustration capturing the key concepts and feelings from the discussion
'Patient perspectives on UK-CIC research'



PPI in UK-CIC - Tony's speech, illustration of key concepts
'Patient and Public Involvement perspective on UK-CIC', speech by Tony Kelly, PPI Representative


For more information on the role of PPI in UK-CIC, click here. If you have any questions, get in touch with Erika Aquino, Public Engagement Manager.

Illustrations created by Laura Brodrick.