UK-CIC explainer videos

We are producing a series of explainer videos, highlighting the role of UK-CIC in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch below to learn what our researchers hope to achieve, and how they will be keeping research impact on patients and the public their priority.


PPI Representative, Lynn Laidlaw, explains what a PPI panel is and how it can impact on the research projects within UK-CIC


PPI Panel Member, Mo Hafeez, talks about his motivation to be part of UK-CIC's PPI Panel, and why it's important to him that patients and the public are involved in research.


For more information on our PPI panel, click here. You can also get in touch by emailing Erika Aquino.


UK-CIC Principal Investigator, Professor Paul Moss, gives an overview of the consortium, its goals, and why collaboration is key


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