UK-CIC Webinars

The UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium has recently held free public webinar on how the immune system responds to COVID-19. UK-CIC researchers presented some of their latest work, and answered questions from attendees. Click below to see more details, and watch the recordings.

COVID-19 and your immune system

Speakers: Professor Tracy Hussell, Dr John Grainger (both University of Manchester), and Professor Doreen Cantrell (University of Dundee)

Our researchers explained how they measure different features of the immune system in patients admitted to hospital, and assess whether they can use those measurements to predict a severe outcome. The panel of scientists also described their strategies to define how differences in groups of people, such as ethnicity or those with other health conditions like heart disease, can affect patient outcomes.


COVID-19, vaccines and protective immunity

Speakers: Professor Susie Dunachie, and Professor Paul Klenerman (both University of Oxford)

What parts of the immune system are involved in generating a protective response against infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and how long does this immunity last? What about the immune response after vaccination? UK-CIC researchers presented some of their latest research on how the immune system can protect us from COVID-19 after natural infection and vaccination.