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Professor Paul Klenerman

Sidney Truelove Professor of Gastroenterology

University of Oxford

Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research


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Paul Klenerman trained in infectious diseases at Cambridge, Oxford and London, and holds the Truelove chair in gastroenterology at Oxford. He has been funded by the Wellcome Trust through the fellowship programme for a DPhil in Oxford on HIV and postdoctoral work in Zurich with Rolf Zinkernagel on LCMV, and established a lab in Oxford to study T cell responses to viral infections such as hepatitis C, including work on vaccines. Much of the recent work in the lab has focused on new emerging innate-like T cell subsets and their role in disease. He co-leads the BRC Mucosal Immunology theme at Oxford with Fiona Powrie and currently leads the Oxford Immunology Covid-19 response team.

Paul is Theme 2 Lead for UK-CIC: "What parts of the immune system are involved in generating a protective response against COVID-19 and how long does this immunity last?"