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Professor Susie Dunachie

Associate Professor in Tropical Medicine

University of Oxford

Nuffield Department of Medicine


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Susanna is an infectious diseases clinician and Associate Professor in Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford, undertaking research to understand the human immune response to COVID-19 and to neglected tropical diseases including scrub typhus and melioidosis. She spent four years living in Thailand and has ongoing research collaborations in Thailand, India and Bangladesh.

In Oxford her research laboratory focuses on understanding why people with diabetes get more severe infections.  She was recently awarded a Hamied Foundation / Academy of Medical Sciences Visiting Professorship to India, and is an Honorary Consultant in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where she is Travel Health Lead and runs the University’s travel clinic. This year she has spent two months working with patients with COVID-19 in the hospital.